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Strategies involved in Bitcoin Trading

In a day to day life, changes are permanent in nature.  Similarly, when it comes for trading, the strategies involved in the trading also get new shapes and reaching new heights over these years.    A good strategy will always help to find the optimum realization in the money market for the traders to enhance their investment opportunities in various cryptocurrencies.  Before investing always analyze the market, follow the peers and then make a trade. This post helps you to analyze the various strategies used by the traders to earn more profits by investing less and expecting more return.

Some of the strategies involved in Bitcoin Trading are as follows:

  • Buy and Hold Strategy: It is a strategy in which the traders who are also called as “holders” as they buy and hold these coins for a specific period of time may be a longer period of time and try to sell these coins in a boon stage.  But this may not be true in case of Bitcoin trading as it is very difficult to hold these cryptocurrencies in this volatile market and the traders want to sell it as quick as possible to earn a good return.
  • Swing Trading: It is a strategy in which the trader buy and hold the bitcoin till overnight or as for a few weeks and then sell it.  It is one of the good options preferred by many traders so that they can actively take part in the trading setting a trend which may last for few days or maybe a few weeks.  The traders following this strategy help them to balance the profit and the risk.
  • Trend following Trading: It is the strategy in which it helps the traders to take part in trading with a big price moves for big gains. This also helps to trigger the trend in the market. This strategy helps the traders on day-wise and weekly-wise trends which could help them to get a good price swing, also to avoid some risk involved in it.
  • Day Trading: Day trading helps the traders to be tuned in always with the market.  There will be a considerable difference in the profit and loss if the trader misses even a second.  The trader needs to analyze the market on a daily basis to get a good return.  The timeframe in day trading is shorter since the trade option should be completed in a day.
  • Scalping: Scalping is nothing but taking multiple trades on smaller price movements. But this strategy works during optimal volatility conditions in the market.  So the trader needs to be skillful and precise about the market before investing a lump sum of money.