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Have a hobby, now you can change that into a profitable business venture. Gone are the days of patiently waiting for your loan approval and bunch of paperwork. It is the era of digitization, starting an E commerce venture is a challenge, not because there is a dearth of idea, it is because there is an overdose of people, businesses, people have specific demands and chalking out a blueprint of your venture is important. Staying focused on how to leverage your ideas and make the cut above the rest is the insight of a successful entrepreneur.

Doing the necessary product or idea research whether there is already an existing business that is already making a good profit, try to take the best things and learning’s from the bigger ventures and use the key ideas to start and open your online store.

  • make sure you know what products you are going to sell online, if it is a cosmetic product then ensure you have all the pointers about your product range, this pagewill have all the details, the unique selling product reviews, and the tagline line like “do you love your wife”!
  • if you have decided to sell your handmade jewelry, please validate the checkpoints, about how to sell the product, the handmade tag and the how it will stay intact if shipped to different locations, the demography and other logistic issues have to sorted before you have an angry customer who could hurt your business
  • study ell about your competitors, it is the most important preparation as the social media is always aiding high level competition that might throw you out of the race
  • self check and keep a check on the overall idea about naming your venture, the logo and the search engine optimization that will help in structuring your web page and increase the chance of your webpage to be displayed while you enter a few keywords
  • there are many resellers in the online store, hence choosing the appropriate sales channel is the best way to turn all the products show cased into sales, you can involve resellers by giving them a percentage of the sale made, without having to  run for the extra customers

The pre launch and post launch scenario is sometimes overwhelming, while with all the emotions in control march ahead to ship off the products to client with a good thank you note.