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Who among us does not want a secure future, where we don’t have to worry about our finances. Not many people can continue to earn a steady income after 60 years of age and only a few are able to continue beyond 70. We all know that life expectancy for humans is continuously increasing and more and more people are living up to 100 years and more. So we are all constantly looking for new ideas and opportunities to make sure that our money is always working for us, even when we are not. Here are some good investment ideas. Find this

Banks and financial institutions

You can park your money in Bank Fixed Deposits and not worry about them. They are very secure, offer a decent rate of interest and you can opt for monthly,  quarterly, half yearly or yearly payouts or cumulative options. Apart from FD, one can also start a recurring deposit in the bank.


If you have some surplus money and an appetite for risk, then the share market can be a good place to invest.  It is risky but will give you very good returns.

Mutual Funds

There are different types of Mutual Funds and depending on our wish list, we can choose the fund, which is most suitable for us. These are less risky than direct equity, but give better results than Bank FDs.

Real Estate

Everyone dreams of a house to call one’s own and when we actually own a house, it is mostly after we have poured our lifelong savings into buying the house. We should not confuse buying a house to live in as an investment. Real estate market is generally volatile and depends on a lot of factors which are not in our control. A property should be chosen for investment after careful thought is given to the risk involved. On the upside, Real Estate brings in the big moolah and it is one investment which has consistently made millionaires out of commoners.


Gold has always fascinated humans. We have always loved this precious metal. Gold as an investment option is very good for long term financial goals. If you look back, the price of gold has steadily grown over the years. Gold jewelry has been used as an investment tool. The only problem is that the cost of gold id high and safety and security is always a concern. Now you can invest in gold by buying Gold Funds or Gold ETFs which are definitely safer.

Before investing in any of the above, be clear about your goals and do your research properly.