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Delivering an order in time is vital for customer satisfaction.  Even when we work for a salary, our career prospects are interconnected with our capabilities of meeting deadlines.  This concept holds true, not only in business or career but in our personal life too.  We could have avoided penalties and late fee if we had put little effort.  When it comes to delays in matters of financial impact, there are possibilities of inviting huge losses and customer wrath.  Hence use the below tips to avoid losses arising out of delays. 

1.     Simplify:  Do not view a task as a whole task.  Break it down into simple steps.  Delicate the steps to each team and set deadlines within which the work is to be completed.  Now the final step will be simply assembling the broken steps. 

       There may be a whole lot of activities which can be done parallelly.  Waiting for completion of one task to begin another is the common mistake which results in delay.  Only when subsequent tasks need finished products from earlier tasks the problem would arise.  This can be tackled by adjusting the timing of the tasks accordingly.  To put it in simple words let us see an example- For example, if the flour has to be ground in large quantities to make cakes, to supply for an urgent order, grinding can be done in night shift so that baking can be done fresh in the morning and supplied on time.

2.    Interim rewards:  After completion of each step, it is necessary for motivating the team by giving a team lunch or a small gift.  Even in personal life, we need this technique to stay motivated.  That is why people love apps like crypto code.  Learn more about the app here.

3.    Staying ahead:  If you need to complete a task in five days, schedule the completion by the end of the fourth day.  Staying ahead will be useful in meeting the deadlines within time even if there are unexpected delays like a technical fault.

4.    Organize the team well:  Using technology it is very easy to organize the working of the team in a proper manner.  You can design apps to track progress.  Technology can provide efficient and faster communication.  You can avoid delays easily.

5.    Combine benefits with short notice deadline tasks:  In the business, we come across profitable orders to be completed in short notice.  You can make employees take this up positively by combining their performance during such stressful periods for performance evaluation.  You can promise career hikes and incentives based on these.